Measurement, Monitoring and Evaluation Matters

Supervision over the proper implementation of educational laws and programs, quality assessment of professors,

Measurement, monitoring and evaluation matters
Graduate Education Unit

All matters related to the graduates of the bachelor's and doctoral degrees are done in this unit.

Postgraduate Office
Graduate Affairs

The graduate study of students and the issuance of all kinds of documents in the associate's and bachelor's degrees in these matters are done.

Graduate Affairs
Admission Matters

Registration of new students and all matters related to students studying in these matters will be done.

Admission Matters






One of the most important things in research is to institutionalize and integrate research programs at the university.


Providing appropriate facilities for the well-being of our dear students is our priority

Sanitation and Health

Each educational unit, with its experienced psychological counseling staff and with the aim of improving the mental health of students and preventing the occurrence and spread of psychological injuries, provides its services to students in various and varied sections.

Sanitation and Health
Student Dormitories

Each faculty has dormitories for students applying for accommodation in the dormitory, during the study individually or in groups, where students can spend all or part of their studies.

Student dormitories
Sports and Recreation

The university, with its numerous sports halls as well as committed work forces, has provided the ground for the use of sports and recreation to achieve the lofty human goal of students, staff and faculty members.

Sports and recreation
Scientific and cultural associations and centers

By creating a spiritual and relaxing atmosphere for the flourishing of student institutions with a focus on culture science and art, the university has helped students and is responsible for organizing and laying the groundwork for students' cultural and educational activities.

Cultural Affairs

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